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One Size - 175g



The new SLOW CRAFTED collection is based on the original recipe Johan Bülow cooked when LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW was founded on Bornholm in 2007. Johan Bülow had spent a whole year in his mother's kitchen with a dream of re-inventing licorice by elevating it to a gourmet experience. The slow crafted licorice is gently cooked in an open batch for four hours and hand crafted creating a rich caramellike texture of the licorice.


Only using the very best carefully sourced organic ingredients, the SLOW CRAFTED range captures the original taste of LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW for an unrivalled taste experience loved by true licorice connoisseurs. The SLOW CRAFTED collection introduces three varieties of chocolate-covered licorice, MANGO VANILLA, CARAMEL DATE and DARK TRUFFLE in recycled glass jars designed for reuse.


The magic moment where some of nature’s most exclusive organic ingredients meet. For MANGO VANILLA, we have gathered some of nature’s finest treasures: Fresh and fruity Alphonso mango and sweet Bourbon vanilla. By combining these with creamy white chocolate and a SLOW CRAFTED licorice core, you will experience an intense yet smooth balance between fruity and sweet.


A delightful organic chocolate treat with a distinguished surprise at its core. Bite into this fine cocoa dusted DARK TRUFFLE to meet a thin layer of dark chocolate with fruity notes followed by a smooth layer of creamy milk chocolate. Then, as you just thought it couldn’t get more delicious, you reach the chewy SLOW CRAFTED licorice core and the enjoyment is complete.


Enjoy organic sweets of nature in a surprisingly delicious combination. In CARAMEL DATE smooth dulce chocolate and crunchy Maldon sea salt flakes meet one of nature's sweetest treats: Deglet Nour dates, creating an incredibly creamy and indulgent experience. When you get to the core, you are met by the rich caramellike SLOW CRAFTED licorice creating a lingering experience that leaves you longing for more.


Some people like to keep it simple. A - THE ORIGINAL was the first product developed when Johan Bülow had the original idea to coat gourmet licorice with chocolate. Simple, powerful and instantly addictive. For ANNIVERSARY, the original recipe is remastered in an all-organic variety celebrating the 15 year anniversary of LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW. Bite into a thin layer of fine licorice powder, rich Belgian milk chocolate and a SLOW CRAFTED core of chewy licorice all made exclusively with organic ingredients. Simple, perfected and just as addictive.



The SLOW CRAFTED collection is based on the original recipe Johan Bülow cooked when LAKRIDS BY BULOW was founded on the island of Bornholm in 2007. The SLOW CRAFTED licorice is gently cooked for four hours and hand crafted, creating a rich caramelized texture of the licorice, unlike any other.

➾ Does the SLOW CRAFTED licorice contain gluten or gelatine?

No. Our liquorice is free from gluten and gelatine.

➾ Why is the price of SLOW CRAFTED products higher than other products?

Our SLOW CRAFTED products are hand crafted, using the best carefully sourced organic ingredients, which capture the original taste of LAKRIDS BY BULOW for an unrivalled taste experience. With sustainability front of mind at each stage of production, it is the first time that we introduce the SLOW CRAFTED range in premium, recycled glass packaging, specifically designed for reuse.

➾ What is special about the jar?

The jar is designed for reuse, made from 56% recycled glass. The label is made of FSC-certified paper. When you have enjoyed the licorice, you can easily remove the label with warm water and cleanse the jar in the dishwasher before reusing it for just about anything - the lid closes tight, so you can bring your daily juice, smoothie or iced coffee on the go. The glass jar even has functional measurements engraved, so you know just how to mix your kitchen creations.

➾ What can I reuse the glas jar for?

You can use the jar for just about anything, from your daily juice, smoothie or iced coffee, to fresh homemade pickles, homemade jam, storing leftover food, etc. The sky is the limit.

➾ Are the flavours/recipes the same as last year?

Yes, it is the same DARK TRUFFLE, MANGO VANILLA, and CARAMEL DATE as we tested last year in our LAKRIDS LOVERS taste panel. All of your feedback showed us that these variants were instant favourites and here to stay.

➾Do you plan to introduce more SLOW CRAFTED flavours in the future?

Yes! We will constantly be testing new flavours within our LAKRIDS LOVERS panel and create exciting taste combinations. It is an unrushed, uncompromised process to find the perfect taste combination. Find out more here:

➾ What are the dimensions of the jar?

The jar is 14.4 cm high, just like our iconic regular jar. Each jar can be filled with up to 4 dl (400 ml) of liquid.

➾ Can I put the glass jar in a dish washer?

The glass jar is dishwasher safe up to 65 °C.

➾ How much licorice does the jar contain?

Each jar contains 265 grams of licorice.

➾ Do you plan to focus more on sustainability in the future?

Yes, we’re currently exploring how we can optimise our processes and become more sustainable in the future. SLOW CRAFTED range is an important step towards a more sustainable production system. Read more at

➾ Are the SLOW CRAFTED flavours available at physical stores?

Yes, all SLOW CRAFTED products are available online, at our own LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW boutiques and selected partner stores.

➾ How should I store the licorice?

Our licorice should optimally be stored in a dark and cool room (But room temperature around 20 - 23 °C is okay). Keep away from moisture and heat.