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Marzipan cake with licorice

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW, 09.01.2023
Marzipan cake with licorice


350 g marcipan
175 g sugar
40 g Salty Licorice Syrup
15 g egg white
5 g Raw Licorice Powder
White chocolate
Dried raspberries


Stir marcipan and sukker with a mixer. Pour the eggwhites slowly into the mixture and add licorice syrup to it. Separate the dough into small pieces of 40 g and shape them to a rim. Sprinkle the pieces with licorice powder and bake them at 230 ° C with upper and under heat for approx. 10 minutes. Let the cake pieces cool and thereafter, dip them in white chocolate and dried raspberries.