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In the light of early spring, a new season unfolds With warm colour hues, we welcome new beginnings As flowers start to bloom and skies turn clear and bright, We embrace the promise of warmth and light. We gather for moments, both cherished and tasteful, Venturing into nature and enjoying playful traditions. Egg hunts reveal delightful treasures, Caramelized sweetness in every bite.


Enjoy a creamy sensation when you bite into the wonderful combination of delicious soft milk chocolate, crunchy caramel made of French butter and cream, completed by a core of salty licorice. You simply can’t have just one.


Bite into a beautifully, speckled lightbrown shell and enjoy how silky dulche chocolate blends perfectly together with raw licorice powder and a core of soft licorice. Small flakes of sea salt complete the sensory experience.