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The little spheres burst with flavor

"His products start with fresh licorice root that he sweetens and seasons with chocolate, sea salt, coffee, passion fruit, chiles or the juices of currants, cranberries, strawberries or cherries."

More than 50% turnover from exports

"His creations are now sold in 1.500 stores in six different countries, including Germany and Dubai. Before moving into a new market, Johan's team travels to each place to learn about the people and the flavors of the culture."

Travel The World Through These Foods And Drinks

"Nordic countries love their licorice and Lakrids by Bülow from Denmark specializes in luxury licorice wrapped in chocolate and various flavored shells for a milder introduction to the polarizing candy. Founder Johan Bülow thinks that the Scandinavian treat is underappreciated and has been producing a whole spectrum of licorice flavors just outside Copenhagen for more than a decade."

Flying The New Scandinavian Airlines Flagship A350: Copenhagen To Chicago In Business Class

"The onboard self-serve area, while nothing revolutionary, was stocked with enough unique Scandinavian treats as to be worth a visit. Fans of Danish licorice will be happy to see the canisters of Lakrids by Bülow, for instance."

Licorice: Love it or hate it

"You won't find any of this in the grocery store, however; Lakrids has marketed and packaged itself as a luxury good, sold in small boutiques"

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