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Small - 125 gram
Regular - 295 gram
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  • Gluten & gelatine free - Our licorice is made from glutenfree rice flour
  • Made in Denmark
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It is hard to imagine a more winning combination than when sweet licorice meets soft dulce chocolate. Now add a grain of crispy flakes of sea salt just to tickle your taste buds. No wonder this became a true classic.

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We source all our ingredients, from the very best suppliers in Denmark and around the world!

Dulce Chocolate

Silky smooth and delightfully sweet. Caramelised dulce chocolate is the taste of pure indulgence.

Dulce Chocolate

Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon sea salt is loved and used by top chefs all over the world. It is made with a great sense of tradition as it has been produced the same place in England for the last 135 years. Maldon sea salt has a pure flavour – fresh and without bitterness, and the sea salt crystals have a delightful, crunchy and flaky texture.

Maldon Sea Salt

Sweet Licorice

Sweetness balanced with strength and a touch of finesse from pure aniseed.

Sweet Licorice